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6 Tips to Help You Save for a New Car - Anderson Subaru

Car buying is an exciting process and it's our goal to keep it that way. However, saving up to buy a car isn't always as much fun. There are a number of factors to consider when shopping for a new car and it can be tricky to know where to start. We’ve compiled a few easy tips to help you start saving for your new ride.

1. Make a Plan
Be realistic…
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How Trading in Your Car Can Save You Hundreds of Dollars

You're not alone if you're wondering whether to trade-in your old ride or sell it to a new owner before you buy a new one. There is much to consider when buying a new car, but trading a car is the easiest way to move on with your new car decision. Did you know trading could also save you hundreds of dollars?

Allow me to explain...

Florida offers a tax credit when you...
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Car Credit 101

The American Dream, once a notion of hard work and reward, is now greatly based on financing. Financing allows people opportunities they would not otherwise have, like opening a business, buying a home, or purchasing a car to get to work (to pay for it all).

For most people, a car is the second largest purchase they make in their lifetime. Since financing is a way of life in America, it's important to know…
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Help us choose one of these charities for this year's "Share the Love" event

Vote for the charity you want added to this year's
"Share the Love" event.

At Subaru, we know owners like you care. That's why we created the annual "Share the Love" event, where for every new Subaru that's leased or sold, a $250 donation is made to the owner's choice of charities.

This year, we need your help to choose one of those charities. Go to our Facebook page to cast…
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In continuing support for the troops, this Memorial Day, Anderson Subaru

Memorial Day was established on May 30,1868 to honor the Nation's Military Men and Women who have died while fighting for our freedom! 

In continuing support for the troops, this Memorial Day, Anderson Subaru in Pensacola, FL would like to honor all of our military with a special offer: a portion of the revenue from each car sold will go to the purchase of Military Exchange calling cards. These cards will then be…

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