Visit Anderson Subaru in Pensacola, FL Today For Special Pricing for Active Duty Military Members

Anderson Subaru in Pensacola, FL participates in the Military VIP Program. This program offers active duty, reserve, and veterans and retirees within twelve months of their separation date specialized pricing options. Members or recently former members of the Marine Corps, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and National Guard are all eligible. Military personnel and certain family members will receive special pricing for the lease or purchase of a new Subaru vehicle totaling $500 dollars off. Customers with valid Military identification are offered this discount. The price of your new Subaru vehicle may be further lowered by applicable regional dealer incentives, dealer discounts or customer cash incentives. Military VIP Program special pricing cannot be combined with other Subaru of America promotional offers. These include, but are not limited to, direct mail offers, internet coupons and coupons from auto shows.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Subaru Military VIP Program, participants must be active duty members and reserves, or recent retirees (within 12 months of separation date) of the U.S. Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard or National Guard. Also included are the active duty member's spouse or domestic partner whom must reside at the same address with the active duty member (address verification is required). Special Military VIP Pricing is non-transferable and does not include siblings, parents, children or extended family members of the participant. Some exceptions may apply. See dealer for details.

Those participating in the Military VIP Program are required to present one of these documents to support eligibility in the program: Letter on Department of Defense letterhead from the commanding officer stating the participant's current duty status OR Most recent Leave Earnings Statement (LES). Standard identification requirements for the purchase of a vehicle are also required.

Excluded Vehicles

Here at Anderson Subaru we do not exclude any vehicles. Our military is important to us and we want to show our appreciation through discounting any vehicle you choose.

Vehicles purchased/leased under the program must be registered, titled or leased in the name of the eligible participant (or spouse/domestic partner) for personal non-commercial use or transportation. Although this specific program does not extend to retired military personnel and is non-transferable to other family members such as parents, siblings, children, etc., Anderson Subaru DOES extend Special Discounts To ALL RETIRED VETERANS!! The special VIP pricing under the Military Incentive Program cannot be combined with any other Subaru of America promotional offer, including, but not limited to auto show coupons, internet coupons or direct mail offers (except Guaranteed Trade Program, $500 Subaru Added Security Maintenance Plan Coupon or Subaru Reward Dollars).

Participants are limited to the purchase/lease of two new vehicles during the program period. New Subaru models are included in the Subaru Military Incentive Program, subject to availability and dealer discretion. From time to time specific models may be excluded from the program as determined by Subaru of America.